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Introducing Master X-Seed® 55 – Strength-Enhancing Admixture. This admixture is based on a technology that ensures a stable suspension of synthetically-produced crystalline CSH nanoparticles. These particles act as seeds in a concrete mixture to facilitate the growth of active crystals between cement particles. The unique technology of Master X-Seed 55® admixture provides an unmatched improvement of the hydration process in a concrete matrix which increases early- and late age strength development compared to an untreated concrete mixture. It provides solutions for tight construction schedules and deadlines, while helping to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete.


We partnered with BASF and specifically used this technology on a condominium development, Pier 27, which presented a challenge with its construction schedule which required early compressive strength. Early on during the process, we found that with the use of Master X-Seed® 55, the concrete maintained its workability longer than traditional high early mixtures, significantly reducing slump loss and a need for re-tempering the concrete on site. This was a key part of the solution to ensure that the concrete quality was not jeopardized throughout the duration of the project. The project was successfully completed with the use of Toronto Redimix and BASF’s award-winning solution using the Master X-Seed 55®. Over 3,000 m³ of high early strength and high strength concrete was successfully placed at this project.


Benefits of Master X-Seed® 55:

-       Increased concrete strength

-       Increased strength safety factor

-       Increased strength development both early & late stage

-       Reduced environmental impact

-       Flexibility to expand the performance space of a concrete mixture

-       Promotes sustainable construction

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