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Coloured concrete, also referred to as decorative concrete, dates as far back as the early 1900’s. It was first used by precast companies who manufactured concrete for building facades. They used stains and colours to make their work more interesting and appealing. Some would mix pigment directly into the concrete for a casting, while others submerged their completed casting in chemical solutions to stain the product. Thesemanufacturers went through trials, testing, and research to develop products and processes that worked. Today, the coloured concrete market is growing at a faster pace than any other segment of the concrete industry. None of this would be possible without the development of strong, durable concrete and the techniques used to apply it. The coloured concrete application process requires highly skilled, trained and experienced concrete finishers with in-depth knowledge of range of concrete products. Becoming familiar with colour, how it works, factors that affect the final colour, and methods for repairing coloured concrete issues are important steps toward becoming an expert in all aspects of decorative concrete.